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As registered appraisers, affiliated with the NRVT and the NWWI, we mainly work in the Amsterdam and Haarlem region. Due to our broad experience in all segments, we are specialized in accurately valuing homes and apartments. Depending on the assignment and appropriate to your situation, we carefully deliver a validated appraisal report or a valuation.


Why a Registered Appraiser?

NRVT monitors and guarantees the quality and professionalism of Registered Appraisers. These appraisers work in accordance with the code of conduct and professional rules and international and European valuation standards.

Save on appraisals

Appraisers are free to determine their own rate for carrying out a valuation. As a result, you will find many differences in the rates, while every validated valuation report must meet the same strict requirements

Why an NWWI valuation?

The NWWI was established in 2009 with the main aim of providing lenders, intermediaries and consumers with insight into the way in which the value of homes is determined. Providing those involved with more certainty about how the value was arrived at contributes to the prevention of valuation fraud.

When is a valuation report required?

  • You want to buy a new home;
    • You want to sell your own house;
    • You want to take out or transfer your mortgage or (home) insurance;
    • You want to increase your mortgage for a renovation, for example;
    • You are getting divorced and want to divide your possessions and assets with your partner;
    • Someone close to you has died and you want to determine his or her assets;
    • You want to know how much your possessions are worth for the tax return;
    • You want to know the rebuilding value of your home;
    • You have lodged an objection against the WOZ value of your home

    How does an appraisal go?

    The first phase in the valuation process is the 'recording of the property/object'. In this phase we record as much information as possible about the property. Consider, for example, the surface area of ​​the house and the plot and the architectural quality of the house/building. The inside and outside of the house is thoroughly examined. We look at the layout, the state of maintenance and the materials and finish used. Insulation and energy efficiency play a role in the valuation, but also certain obligations and rights such as a right of way or a right of inheritance. It is interesting to know how much the houses or similar properties that have recently been sold in the area fetched. We include these amounts in the estimate of how much the object is worth.

    Once the valuer has collected all the information, he/she will prepare the valuation report. In it he describes the house in detail and substantiates the final value judgement. A validated valuation is then also assessed by the NWWI.

    NWWI Validation

    The appraisers, affiliated with the NWWI, work according to a uniform, standardized digital process. When the appraiser (within his working area) accepts a valuation assignment, he indicates to the NWWI which house will be appraised. The NWWI then ensures that the valuation assignment is 'prepared' digitally. A validated valuation report can now be drawn up.

    Model values

    It is up to the appraiser to determine the value based on his expertise and as an expert of the local market. The NWWI supplies, in accordance with the standard of Stichting Taxatie en Validatie (STenV), at least 2 model values, which can provide insight into the value of the object.

    There are currently 4 recognized suppliers of model values, namely Calcasa, Midas, NBWO and Ortec. The order for requesting the model-based reports is determined by the appraiser. These model values ​​are provided to the appraiser as an aid in his substantiation of the appraised value.